Showcase the beauty of North Bay
No other city is like North Bay. Picture-perfect lakes. Stunning green spaces. Walking trails throughout the city. A growing creative sector. Superb restaurants. A ski hill right in town. Passionate local businesses. Rich history and culture. It’s time we invest in and leverage our strengths to increase tourism, attract more talent, and initiate further development.

Increase transparency, accountability, and trust
Citizens deserve a City Council they can trust. As an elected official, Justine will represent you, listen to and support your needs, and serve in the public interest. This also means adding more transparency for citizens into how and why decisions are being made.

Create a more sustainable city
Climate change is upon us and we will all feel its effects. There are actions our city can take to build community resiliency and help slow down the process of climate change. A few of Justine’s ideas include:

  • Expanding recycling services and exploring composting options
  • Growing the city centre through urban intensification
  • Increasing food security through initiatives like community gardens
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Providing assistance and incentives for large businesses to do their part

Build a stronger, more resilient North Bay
North Bay has seen an increase in addiction and housing issues over the past decade, which has negatively impacted all citizens. Addressing root causes, while also adequately funding community and support services, will help to make sure no one is left behind. It will also make North Bay a stronger community.

Make getting around the city safer
It’s no secret… North Bay needs more sidewalks. Sidewalks make the city safer for pedestrians, joggers, and kids at play. Ensuring that roads and sidewalks are well-maintained in the winter and quickly fixing potholes once the snow melts will also make the city safer.

Collaborate to implement more specialized services
North Bay is full of passionate people doing incredible work for the community. We can work together to share resources and expand initiatives to offer more tailored services and recreational activities for older adults, for families, and for youth.